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    Harto Empty Harto

    Post by SiriusFlux on Fri May 05, 2017 9:25 pm

    Name: Harto
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown ( appears to be in 30's)
    Species: Wendigo
    Height: 5'6" Humanoid, 3'0" Travel , 10'0" True
    Ruling God: Initially Miasha, Current Nocturn
    Elemental Affinity: Dark (4), Blood (3), and Death (1).

    Humanoid Form:


    Travel Form
    Harto Harto__adopt_me__closed_by_kurokikumo-d9vc6n4
    True Form:


    Personality: Travel and Humanoid: Values Life, Friendly, Scared Easily. True: Animistic

    The Start
    First Part:
    Flashes of black blurred the vision of the mind’s eye as it recalled last moments alive before the blood drains from the body. Events from birth to manhood they came in a flood of whispers and visions playing a violent and heart ripping lullaby. This vision came to a man or what was once a man as the blood dribbles out coldly from his neck and open chest. A sacrifice made, a murder created, to experiment on what could be done to a corpse. Moments before as the time flashed back a recall of a name so distant and far. Ferris Nil, a guard of the temple of Maisha, one who tried to be kind to those around him. He had a distaste to cause harm and tried to take care of those who he saw need it. He was married, had a son, things seemed well. Almost as if he made a paradise for himself before the inevitable happened. He was too trusting and easy to fool as he was led into a trap. One he thought was a friend turned out to be the end of everything for him. Everything he knew died from a blade as his son was left alone, an orphan, as his corpse was taken. To now the memories hammered and clashed in the body of screams and damaged minds as older memories vanished and shriveled into darkness. Then suddenly everything stopped. He couldn’t feel, couldn’t think, he became nothing. In that nothing was darkness, no noise, no sadness, no more Ferris Nil.

    After a while in that looming nothingness was suddenly a ring of noise. It grew and with it growing a seeping pain grew. Something squirming and wriggling its way into his mind. The thing that seeped attached itself, fulling hate in which his heart never felt. The ringing slowly stopped to noises then grew to voices. “This is the fifth try, as much as I want to humor this thing you’re making by sowing more parts to it I don’t think it will work.” The voices were distorted and full of white noise. As the feeling, squirmed deeper into his mind it made him want to scream, blood filled his lungs as the bodies organs felt twisted and distorted. The voices he was hearing were no longer audible, just violent echoes, he could feel his body start to shake and crackle underneath a force unlike any other that it was used to. Screaming echoed through his thoughts before he tried opening his eyes. All he could see was red before it was consumed in a blinding light. After this light, the dark nothing came back and silence came with a sweetened slumber.

    Once the eyes opened again it was clear, his eyes focused on his surroundings. A leaf came into view along with the blue open sky. He took a breath in as it was clear however the taste of blood lingered in his mouth and stained his taste buds. He tried to recall his name, who he was, and where he was but could not. It was all blank. His body moved to sit itself up against the tree as the body trembled, not used to the movement. He then looked at his hands and the rest of his body, something didn’t seem right. In fact, nothing seemed right through light broken memories as panic gave a quick and short breath against his mind before it became blank again. Confused as to why he panicked he then looked over his body before seeing a tag around his ear. Ripping it off with a quick tug he gently looked at it. ‘Harto’ it read, he didn’t know what it meant but he instinctually took it as his name. That’s the closest thing that could hint his name, right? Taking it into mind and standing up, brushing himself off he noticed he was wearing tattered clothing that had little to no color. He looked at it, examined some of the fibers before getting uninterested as he then went on to wonder. He was searching for something, he didn’t know what he was searching for but he knew he would find it one way or another.
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