Spellbooks - Magic Types

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Spellbooks - Magic Types

Post by swiftyuki on Fri May 05, 2017 10:41 pm

Spellbooks are recordings of spells known by a person. The spells can vary from person to person and others can have similar spells with each other be it common magic or learned from the spell creator.

Here is a list of kinds of magic and general/basic spells that can be cast by anyone within a specific element. We may ask into if certain spells made by other users can be used by the public or not as well. Some spells may cross domains as well. Elements may also go hand in hand in combination with each other, but elements that oppose will reject each other and cannot be used together save for very special cases.
*IMPORTANT: If you are a technomancer, you cannot use any other school of magic and vice versa.
**Mages of Life magic tend to be beast tamers or hold an occupation close to that of local fauna. They cannot create but only tame and heal fauna. They are only in a Beast Tamer class. Their alignment strength shows what difficulty of beasts they can tame.

Elements that can be used together:
Fire - Lightning - Metal
Wind - Lightning - Sound
Water - Blood
Blood - Darkness - Death
Arcane - Chaos - All
Chaos - Necro - Darkness
Metal - Earth - Flora

Elements that reject each other:
Fire - Water
Wind - Earth
Death - Necro
Light - Dark
Chaos - Luck
Lightning - Earth/Flora
Arcana - Techno

-Domains and Subtypes-





Morimancy: The primary magical type of the Death Domain is the magic of decay and destruction. With this magic, although incredibly short range for those without extreme power, the user is able to rapidly erode and rot whatever comes close to or in contact with them, causing metals to tarnish and become brittle, flesh to necrotise, stone to crumble and turn to dust.

Soul Striking: A basic if dangerous sub-type, Soul Striking is a magical type that allows the user to attack the very soul of the person they are fighting, causing damage that is nearly impossible to repair and easily killing all but the toughest of foes. This magic always requires contact however and against those of sufficient power, the magical force might not be enough to damage their soul.

Drain: Similar to Morimancy, this sub-type instead focuses around the removal of life force from things with the more powerful the user the greater the power of things they can remove life from. This is generally not instant and usually takes time and close proximity to remove all of the life from something but the Drain can be used to augment the user's other magic by enhancing it with the stolen life force. Usually, unfortunately, this magic is seen as somewhat evil and few trust a user of it.










Technomancy: The main form of 'magic' of the Technology domain is Technomancy, the ability to use one's power to control and manipulate machinery, enabling the user to get more details into the inner workings of the technology or to manipulate parts of it to either repair it, enhance it or even take control of it if they are given enough time.

Innovation: Technically a sub-type of Technology Magic, Innovation can actually be found in multiple different ways, some of them natural and non-magical. Those with a magical affinity for Innovation are incredibly intelligent and are able to create advanced technology with minimal materials as well as being able to accurately work out the functions of technology that they see and eventually reverse engineer it even if it is the work of another Innovator.

Digitamancy: A strange sub-type of Techno magic, Digitamancy revolves around creating unique digital constructs that exist in the real world and are able to perform functions by granting them special effects and abilities known as 'Programs'. These constructs, known as Phantoms, can take a variety of forms and can be incredibly useful however their grip on the world is tenuous at best and without the right programs they can be incredibly easy to destroy.

Hydromancy: The water domain's main form of magic, it is simply the manipulation of water in its liquid state.

Cryomancy: The most common subtype for the water domain, this allows manipulation of ice and snow.

Acid: An uncommon subtype, the user is able to manipulate caustic substances that induce burns or eat away flesh.

Hemomancy: Because blood is a plasmid that acts very similarly to liquid, rare cases allow for water mages to also manipulate blood.


Spellblading: The main form of War Magic is known as Spellblading although it does not have to be utilised with blades. This form of magic focuses around adding special effects and abilities to weapons that are currently held, such as making them sharper, giving them the ability to burn with a touch or to extend magical shackles to hold people down. Although called Spellblading most people, when using alternate weapon types, rename it to match such as Spellgunning or Spellstriking.

Enhancement: The most common sub-type of War Magic is Enhancement, a magical type focusing around enhancing and altering the body making it more suited to combat, with effects such as making the skin tougher, increasing muscle or bone density or rapidly increasing one's own speed.

Predation: A Magical type shared with the Hunt Domain, Predation is magic focusing around tracking down enemies, preventing one's self from being tracked, setting up ambushes and traps and keeping the user from being spotted. Generally not an offensive magic in its own nature, it is used to support other magic types or enhance normal weaponry to turn them into effective traps.

Tactica: The rarest sub-type of War Magic is Tactica Magic which is designed for a Commander role. This magic focuses on altering perception in wide areas, focusing and analysing targets, granting boons to multiple people at once although with circumstances attached such as following orders or doing specific acts and increasing one's own processing speed to better understand situations.

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