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    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k


    Before Tir’s creation, its creator was from another realm of entities who could manipulate matter to their very will. They were Creationists, beings with many forms and many names, their real ones hidden from all but each other. They were worshipped as what they were, Creators of Life and Destroyers of the End. They were not tied to a specific role aside from being the true gods of all that exists within their realm.

    Those who stepped out of line from agreement of others faced many punishments depending on their infractions. The worst fate possible for them would be that they were ripped to nothing more than raw material from their kin and all their creations along with them. The creator for Tir did not face death but mere exile over a difference in ideology. Rather than be worshipped all the time, this creator pondered what it would be like for them to live amongst their creations. Such thing was lowering one’s self and their kin would not have a single word of it.

    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k


    This Creator, now banished into a dark void of a canvas and only their own power to tamper within this realm’s hidden stores, began to think. ‘Of what world would I want to be in?’ Not the chaos of their old home, that was for certain. There were so many of their kind about, spoiled rotten by their own creations. Others of their kind seeking the destruction of others’ things over petty fights and simple hatred.

    Light gathered around their being, forced out by their power and concentration to create. Banishment was a mere blessing for them, as they did not have to worry about abiding by the laws of others outside their own and what their creations agreed to. The light itself compressed into their hands, a shimmering orb that was blocked out from its surroundings as The Creator pushed the light further into itself. A slight peek through their hands and they breathed out raw magic into the orb. The Creator kept shaping this orb as its size grew with the added concentration of energy from them and whatever this void realm had traces of.

    Eventually the orb of light was shaped into a beautifully marbled flurry of colours. The world itself was still fresh, its essences of magic settling within itself to form the natural elements of earth and water. A light tap by The Creator and this new world spun slowly, leaving the elements able to settle as The Creator observed their work. It was rough around the edges, but refining could always be done. After all, they had all the time in the universe now that they did not need to worry about other Creationists nosing their way through and destroying a premature piece.

    Another breath, this time of sparkling blue fog, and the essence of air swirled around the planet, giving birth to the wind and sky. The Creator began to ponder what else this world could have. It felt cold to the touch. Fire! That was it! The planet needed heat. Not too much, nor too little. They wanted to experiment with all sorts of climates. As the world spun, a talon softly carved a perfect line down its horizontal center, leaving a wall of steam in the water and a deep red gash of glowing ichor in the earth. Oh, but this was too simplistic for The Creator’s taste.

    Instead they tugged at the earthen material here and there, breathing cold air to cool off the molten equator and sculpt around. Mountain ridges were made, pockets of rock filled with water and ice to create lakes and glaciers. Talons dragged over dirt into the oceans, forming rivers that explored the heightened surface. Rocks were crushed into a fine powder, creating beaches and deserts. The world was looking much less uniform and The Creator enjoyed that thought. At their leisure, The Creator was working on the planet's features, trying to perfect mountain ranges and carve trenches. Mountain tops lacked the warmth of the brilliant core that lay beneath several layers of rock. Some of the carved trenches The Creator had made completely split apart, and shifted along the original well of energy the surface rested on, but they paid no mind to it as it did nothing to the rest of the world. The world itself felt complete and was named Tir, yet lonely and barren.

    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k


    The Creator felt a want to make beings, but not ones that lived only to serve them. No, they wanted beings who acted as a form of control over the magic implemented. Beings that existed as living wells of raw power and contained the true forms of these magics. The Creator intended to make guardians of magic, creatures of massive size and many forms, only powered by the raw energies of their element. Yet, The Creator did not want them to be mere thralls either. They wanted to give these creatures sentience, the ability to think on their own and choose what they wish to do with their power. The first primal was the Primal of Arcana, the one who could harness magic in its most purest state.

    The Creator watched the Primal of Arcana closely, to observe its learning and to see what elements it could utilize, forming more primals of the appropriate elements and their subelements thereafter. Shortly after, Tir was populated with Primals.

    The query of The Creator's name surfaced one day by one of the Primals, to which many of joined curiosities gathered. The Creator had to ponder on the name, for they worried over backlash of their creations if they gave their real name. It was at the point where The Creator created a more finalised form that broke from their kind and formed something more unique to themself, and gave their children their new name "Harmony".

    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k


    Shortly after The Creator's banishment and summons of energy, another being was created passively from the clashing of all essence that gathered. It was nameless and The Creator paid no mind to the creature as it did nothing to create nor destroy alongside them. It simply existed. When the Creator had noticed this being's presence, however, they named it Aether. Aether acts solely as The Creator's true opposite being. A void creature of the same power as them, but does not act unless acted upon. Aether's realisation of his own power and respect for Harmony's creating made him choose to split himself into two beings of Logic(Bahamut) and Emotion(Tiamat). Neither of Aether's fragments have a recollection of who he is, and neither enjoy being near each other. Tiamat and Bahamut are perceived as threats to all who they cross paths with, regardless of origin. Aether is only known to Harmony, no one else is aware of his existence.

    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k


    Harmony had since settled alongside her creations, watching them grow. She's seen many things played by her primals, mostly that of war and acceptance. Many grew alliances with each other, while at the same time made enemies with others. Some Primals of like elements didn't show kindness to their own, or even showed cases of hostility to all. With the observations of diversity in their personalities, Harmony felt pleased with herself. With chaos, there was peace. With strength, there was also weakness. Primals countered and complemented other primals. But something was still missing.

    Her primals were truly powerful. Undying except to herself or those who overpowered them. They had no limit and had the potential to destroy her newfound home if things had gone too far. In that, Harmony began a new project. She tampered with an orb of pure arcane essence, storing and compressing as much as she could without breaking it and hardening its shell. Runes of the Old Language engraved as a seal on it, revealing the essence inside of its darkened shell.

    She named it a soul, a capsule of one's self and their power. This soul aided in keeping magic use and limit in check, and she felt a need to see if it worked. Harmony worked hard in sculpting a body with more arcana essence around the soul, making sure that the essence had transmuted into life essence and forming flesh. The end result showed something drastically different in form from the primals. A being who stood up on two legs, had two hands, and was much smaller than their primal counterparts.

    Proud of her work, she watched the being wake and explore the world and their abilities. Much weaker than the primals, yet showed remarkable control. Harmony felt very pleased with herself. She named him Arcanus, the first God. It was a while before she allowed the Primals to meet her newest creation, wary that some may see him as easy prey and destroy him the earliest chance they had gotten.

    More gods were created in the process, either by Harmony or Arcanus as an added control for the elements at hand. As the world settled, many other beings with even smaller souls were created, which are much more common compared to gods and primals. As time passed on, and the world was now settling with its new populations and advancements, gods and primals warred with each other, the more common beings sided on either in their wars. Gods have set on missions with each other to contain or kill primals, now leaving Tir with two or three per element, some with one, some with none, and only Life with seven. The gods have settled their place as the ones who lead the mortal kin, primals either with or against them.

    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k

    -Battle of the Seasons-

    The Battle of the Seasons was a massive four-way war between the gods of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Before their peace, they warred over territory and rights to certain times of the year that kept the world cycle in balance. The war caused mass murders worldwide. Seas invaded, mountains grew, fires raged and winds cut through everything. Those who were mere bystanders lived through a literal hell as this war raged, and no other god, primal, nor even Harmony could step in to end the war as it would have broken the agreement of honour in battle - The fight was between the combatants and the combatants alone.

    The four gods were evenly matched. The planet was now barren and dying from the destruction. Aquis, the first God of Water broke the cold silence between them with his words, acknowledging the destruction of the world. The others followed in recognition, the world a wasteland of rubble, storm, and fire. They formed an agreement to take equal portions of time to help the world recover and become balanced once again. Aquis took the first role in the cycle, letting Tir rest in a hard freeze. The Boulder, the Earth God, was second, warming the earth and allowing for new life to grow on refreshed soil. Pyrion, the Fire Lord, was third, giving Tir plenty of light and heat to thrive and allow flora to prepare fruits for harvest. Gale, the Goddess of Wind, took last, the wind aiding plants in losing their deadened leaves and cooling Tir to allow winter to take hold for the next cycle.

    The area the four made the agreement became the capital of Tir's mainland, named Avalon. Avalon houses the temples of each of the four gods, split perfectly into quarters and titling it the City of Seasons.

    Overall World History Tir_banner_by_swiftyuki-dboox2k



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