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    Forbidden Magic Empty Forbidden Magic

    Post by swiftyuki on Tue May 02, 2017 5:20 pm

    The spell and magic types listed below are only able to be done through Gods, Primals, Avatars, and Champions only. They are rare and considered to be forbidden due to the nature of the spell itself, only with very few exceptions in their usage. The list will be updated as time goes on.

    Reality-based magic: Spells that warp reality to suddenly create something out of nothing. This is exclusive to Harmony.

    Macro-scale Essence manipulation: Manipulating arcana essence of any given element on a large scale is exclusive to Harmony and the God of Arcanes. This includes turning someone or something into pure essence and vice versa.
    Puppetry: Usage of hemomancy to control someone through their bloodstream as if they were a flesh puppet.

    Bloodrend: A spell type exclusive to the God of Blood, one's blood is forcibly ripped out of the body, shredding their flesh apart in the process.
    Shadow Puppetry: Only available to the God of Darkness and Darkness Primals, it is the use of forcing one's shadow to control movements.

    Shadow possession: Only available to the Champion of Darkness, God of Darkness, and Primals of Darkness, it is the use of giving one's shadow a pseudo-conscious to attack their owner.
    What you hear is what you feel: A special usage of sound magic in which the sound made by a person that mimics something, such as a gun shot or the swipe of a blade, inflicts damage upon the target akin to its source. For example, the recreated sound of a gunshot can cause a gunshot wound.
    Displacement Teleportation: While teleportation and fast travel spelltypes are allowed, this particular form is used to teleport inside someone or something and making it explode if the space is less than the person teleporting. This ability is exclusive to the Gods of Space and Night.

    Macro-Gravity: Large scale usage of altering gravity is prohibited. Altering one's own gravity is fine, but they cannot affect another's on a large scale without being the Primal of Night, God of Space or Night, or the Avatar/Champion of Night. Small scale AoE is fine, but will not be strong enough to instantly kill a person.
    All forms of chronomancy are exclusive to the God of Time. There are no reverses, fast forwards, or time stopping.
    Desiccation: A spell type unique to the main water god and primal, they can forcibly remove water out of every cell in one's body, completely drying them out.
    Literally any spell that would assure a kill of several people at a time. Leave mass purges to the gods.

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