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    Post by swiftyuki on Mon May 01, 2017 11:45 am

    Each race has a close relationship with very specific elements. However, despite the origin, some can inherit a different element from their parents, be born with an abnormal affinity, or can change their element by changing divine pledges. (When switching divine pledges, this is likely to only happen once or twice in a character's life. The character is likely to be refused after the first switch).

    Humans: The most basic and capable of adapting to multiple forms of magic, their elemental affinity is tied to arcane magic.

    Draconic: Scaly and winged, they are dragon halfings who hold a close affinity to fire.

    Naga: Half human, half snake, they hold a close affinity to sand.

    Centaur: Half human, half horse, they are elementally aligned to the earthen elements.

    Avian: Adorned in feathers and the gift of flight, they are tied to the element of wind and sound.

    High Elf: Tall and lean, the elves hold affinity with light.

    Dark Elf: Skins as dark as night they blend into the shadows and manipulate darkness and create chaos.

    Wood Elf: With flesh that blended with their natural surroundings, they hold a close alignment to floromancy.

    Snow Elf: Skin as white as snow itself, they hold a close affinity to cryomancy.

    Siren: Half fish, half human, they are tied to water and sound elements.

    Wendigo: An eerie creature tied to darkness and death.

    Druid: A being who is capable of shifting into an animal and may carry animalistic features in their humanoid form, they share alignment with Life and Hunt. This race also may share affinity to certain other elements depending on their animal form.
    Druid Types:

    Druid subspecies affinity +1 to element listed, -1 to opposing element

    Lizard - Fire, Poison
    Snake - Sand, Poison
    Crocodile, Iguana, Alligator - Water
    Amphibians - Water/Poison
    Pachyderm - Earth
    Avian - Wind
    Owl - Wind, Dark
    Canine - Dark, Chaos
    Feline - Chaos
    Equine, Bovine - Earth, Flora
    Piscene - Water
    Aquatic Mammalia - Water
    Insect, Arachnid - Poison
    Mollusk - Poison, Water

    Dryad: A creature of animated flora, they are tied to the plant aspect from the earthen domain. They cannot change their element.

    Naiad: Creatures of water, they are closely tied to the native element. They cannot change their element.

    Shadows: Creatures of black who strictly serve the domain of darkness. They cannot change their element.

    Vampire: Beings who feast on blood, they hold a permanent affinity to the domain of bloodshed.

    Werewolf: Creatures of the hunt, they are aligned to the domain of war and the hunt.

    Shapeshifters: Beings able to change their forms, they align heavily under the domain of chaos.

    Sprites: Beings forged from the elements themselves, their forms are raw and tend to take a humanoid shape. They are solely dependent on the element they were made from and unable to switch due to this.

    Incubi: Male creatures of Lust and Pleasure, serving under the God of Love. Are generally demonic in nature with inhuman skin tones and horns, although can have a variety of different attributes.

    Succubi: Female demons of Pleasure, one of three races under the God of Love. These beings usually look demonic with horns, fangs and wings but there are a variety of different attributes they can have.

    Concubus: Hermaphroditic Lust Demons, the third of the races under Aphrodesius, the God of Love. They possess sexual characteristics of males and females although they can be in a variety of fashions as can their other attributes, such as their wings, claws, tails and the like.

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