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    Post by swiftyuki on Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:16 am

    Spell name: Dessicate
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements: Death
    Affinity Strength: 10
    Function: As the primary god/dess of water, Yuki is able to draw moisture out of a being's body through each cell. It's a painful process to the victim in question and leaves their body dried completely and rendering them dead or close to death.
    Availability: Closed

    Spell name: Hydromanipulation
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements:--
    Affinity Strength: 1
    Function: The most basic use of water is to only tamper with it in its natural state as a liquid. The mages are able to change the shape of water to anything suitable for the situation like a tendril, a bubble, or even a pool.
    Availability: Open

    Spell name: Steam Manipulation
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements: Fire
    Affinity Strength: 2
    Function: The ability to use a liquid in any given state is a practice that water mages tend to learn as much as possible. Heated liquids and the steam given off tend to be easier to use than that of ice, however. Because steam can be gathered and condensed into a liquid, hydromages have no problem manipulating them as if it was regular water.
    Availability: Open

    Spell name: Scald
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements: Fire
    Affinity Strength:2
    Function: An oddity within the water element, although common, the user is capable of superheating water to the point where it begins to boil. Those who do not have a method around heat can receive a burn.
    Availability: Open

    Spell name: Freeze
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements: Ice
    Affinity Strength: 4
    Function: The mage is capable of altering water's property from a liquid state to a solid. The difficulty in freezing a liquid is subject to its properties and may require a higher affinity for liquids and liquid-like substances such as plasmids and gels.
    Availability: Open

    Spell name: Cryo-manipulation
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements: Ice
    Affinity Strength: 4
    Function: This is the main ability to control and manipulate liquids in their frozen state. Cryomages are capable of changing the physical appearance of ice, altering the shape to something best suited for the situation like icicles for attacking or a dense cloud of particulate snowflakes for hiding.
    Availability: Open

    Spell name: Water Teleport
    Spell Main Element: Water
    -Spell Sub Elements: --
    Affinity Strength: 7
    Function: When near a deep enough body of water one can submerge themselves completely in, the user can focus on another place with another body of water equivalent or greater than the one they are currently in to go to. This is a method of fast travel and requires a great deal of concentration to shift oneself to a completely different area.


    Spell name: Shape-shifting
    Spell Main Element: Chaos
    -Spell Sub Elements: Arcane
    Affinity Strength: 9 (Shapeshifter species bypass)
    Function: Either by successful transmutation of flesh to an element, spellcasting upon oneself to become a shapeshifter, or being of shapeshifting lineage, the mage is able to change forms to a wide variety of creatures. Mages who are not shapeshifters by blood are limited to creatures roughly the size of elephants.

    For Shapeshifter Species:

    Affinity - Shape
    1-3 - Small creatures
    4-6 - Medium Creatures
    7-9 - Large Creatures
    10 - Behemoths
    Availability: Open

    Spell name: Golem Construct
    Spell Main Element: Arcane
    -Spell Sub Elements: [Varied]
    Affinity Strength: 5 (at base)
    Function: The user can cast magic on a series of objects or elemental resource to create a golem. Depending on the user's home element and material used, the golems have various abilities they can use within their limited spectrum. The golems are typically used to aid in tasks or combat, but can also serve as a personal guardian.
    Golems and Abilities:

    ARCANA: Increased sentience and intelligence
    BLOOD: Instill fear through the scent of blood
    DARKNESS: Accompanied shadow travel, shadow trapping
    EARTH: Blending of surroundings, burrowing
    FIRE: Flame and magma production, temperature increase
    FLORA: Minute floramancy, able to wither or flourish local flora
    LIGHT: Light generation, explosive capabilities
    LIGHTNING: Increased speed, explosive capabilities
    METAL: Magnetism/Conductivity
    NECRO: Agglomerative formations
    WATER: Melting into a puddle to remain hidden
    -ICE: Frost generation and temperature dropping
    WIND: Gathering of small objects
    WAR: Temporal Combat Aide
    Availability: Open


    Spell name: Hemo-sensory
    Spell Main Element: Blood
    -Spell Sub Elements: --
    Affinity Strength: 1
    Function: Usage of blood magic can come in handy for detecting just how many opponents one would face. Blood sensory is a simple extension in which the user feels for any sign of blood nearby that isn't their own to get an understanding of the position they are in. It takes more concentration to single someone out from the crowd, but it also comes in handy to prepare for an ambush.
    Availability: Open


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