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    Read this first! Rules


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    Read this first! Rules Empty Read this first! Rules

    Post by swiftyuki on Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:10 pm



    • No Multiaccounting, alternate accounts will be suspended. If a person continues, they are likely to be banned entirely.
    • Be respectful of others. Harassers will face a one week suspension on the first infringement, and then a ban on the second.
    • Don't post porn here. While sex can happen IC, just don't actually post visuals. This will result in a ban.
    • Links in the chat that lead to porn, illegal content, malware are not tolerated and will result in a ban from the chatbox.


    • Before creating a character, it's strongly suggested to roll the Elemental Affinity Strength die in the Roll Topic to check how strongly aligned to an element (or elements) they are. Primals, Gods, Champions, and Avatars ignore this for primary elements.
    • No Godmodding or Metagaming, shit's not cool.
    • Character death can happen, but a ruthless murderer can be dealt with. There is a chance for the character to be reborn, but that will require a dice roll.
    • Specialised weapons such as soulthief blades are given during special events as a reward. They can be obtained through quests, events, or personally from Gods but can never be forged for a specific person.
    • This site is 18+, topics with adult material should be marked with NSFW, 18+, R, or another adult rating.
    • The Alternating Streamlines forum is for AUs that occur in the same world and are NOT canon to the forum. They are "What if" scenarios that people can play out. Should someone be suspected of abusing the AU streamlines however, they will receive an account suspension.
    • If you are unsure of if a spell is too powerful, check with @swiftyuki or @Arcanem as well as the forbidden magic topic.
    • Spells will need to be checked over by mods. Approved spells can be placed in their respective topics for Inkbound Spellbooks.

    Technology Requests
    • Production limits max at 100.
    • The size limit of a piece of technology is equivalent to a large ship.
    • While space exploration is possible, Tir is the only planet.
    • The size of the technologic construct is in a reverse proportion to the amount that can be made (AIs, ships are allowed to be made in fleets still). For example, a mass produced set of 100 construct “spiders” can be done as they are small in size, but a large construct “Guard” AI with a build that can block large doorways may be limited to 25.

    In regards to godhood and becoming an avatar or champion, that would require a god/goddess not having an avatar or champion in the first place OR killing a god/goddess to replace them. Do keep in mind it is ridiculously hard to kill any of the three due to specialized magic, but it is doable.You cannot make a god character unless there is explicit permission given.

    A Primal character can be made, but you must talk it over with swiftyuki or Arcanem first. Primals are not replaceable, once killed there will not be one made to replace it. Champions are picked personally by the god in question, avatars are created by them. 

    In regards to specialised weapons, they are very heavily imbued with magic, making them very powerful. Some of these weapons will soulbind until the user is killed and can be rebound with its new owner. With great power comes great responsibility.

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